Affiliate Marketing? What’s that?

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing strategy where individuals or businesses earn commissions by promoting products or services of others. Affiliates drive traffic or sales through referral links, and when a purchase is made, they receive a percentage of the revenue. Many people are trying this as a side hustle in hopes of making additional income. When you set up your affiliate marketing system properly, it can help generate passive income. That is the main attraction to becoming an affiliate marketing. You will have the ability to work wherever and whenever you want. You can also generate unlimited income potential.

Guess what? I saw a successful Affiliate Marketer on Instagram and she inspired to try Affiliate Marketing a try. Supposedly, if anyone can do it, so could I. I want to generate that extra income and become financially independent. I took the same course the successful Affiliate Marketer went through. It was a 15 Day Challenge. The challenge cost me $7. I completed the course in 15 days and learned a great deal about Affiliate Marketing, how to set up the business and use the tools to start your business. My investment of $7 was well worth it.

The name of the course we both took is called The 15 Day Business Challenge. You will learn the basics through video modules and tutorials, assignments and a discussion with a live advisor. I enjoyed and learned so much from the challenge that I actually signed up to become an affiliate of the company. Be aware they do not ask you to market their products. The course teaches you to market products and services in general. I will also be marketing other products from other companies that are in the wealth and finance niche. Marketing multiple products from multiple products will help increase your income streams.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer will require your time and dedication in the beginning. You will not likely see any income after a few weeks or months after you build your system. This job will require patience and belief in yourself. Just like any job, your skills will develop over time.

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